Natural Rubber Membrane NR-45 Grey/Red

The NR 45 Grey/Red natural rubber membrane is an exceptional, dual-layered rubber sheet that combines both grey and red layers, each with distinct hardness levels. The grey layer is designed with a 45 Shore A hardness, while the red layer is more robust at 60 Shore A. This unique combination of layers with varying hardness elevates the membrane's performance, positioning it as a top-tier material in its category.

Crafted in Europe, the NR 45 Grey/Red membrane is produced using high-quality components, ensuring its superior performance and durability. The meticulous selection of materials contributes to the membrane's impressive tear and temperature resistance, features that significantly prolong its service life. This resilience makes the NR 45 Grey/Red an ideal choice for demanding applications, particularly in the woodworking industry where durability and precision are paramount.

Specifically engineered for membrane presses that operate with both positive and negative pressure, the NR 45 Grey/Red elastomer is adept at handling the rigorous demands of shaping and bonding wood products. Its ability to withstand various pressure conditions without compromising its integrity makes it an invaluable tool for manufacturers seeking to produce high-quality wood items with intricate designs and finishes.

The NR 45 Grey/Red membranes are available with different surface finishes, including options with a cloth finish for enhanced grip and a smooth finish for applications requiring a more seamless contact surface. This versatility allows users to select the most appropriate texture based on the specific requirements of their projects, ensuring optimal performance and results.

In summary, the NR 45 Grey/Red natural rubber membrane stands out for its innovative dual-hardness design, exceptional durability, and adaptability to various pressure conditions in the woodworking industry. Manufactured in Europe with a commitment to quality, this elastomer membrane is a strategic choice for businesses aiming to elevate their production capabilities and achieve superior outcomes in their woodworking projects.

Area of application

NR 45 Grey/Red is used in membrane presses with positive negative pressure. Laminating of foil, veneer, paper, leather. Manufacturing of doors, kitchen cabinets, 3D-panels and interiors.

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Data sheet

Physical Properties

NR-45 Grey/Red
Natural rubber
Thickness, mm:
2 2.5 3 4
Width, mm:
1400 / 1600 / 1700 / 1900
Length, m:
Working temperature, max C:
Hardness, Shore A:
45 +/-5
Elasticity, %:
Density, g/cm3:
1,10 +/- 0,02
Tensile strength, N/mm2, (Mpa):
Tear strength, N/mm:

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