Natural rubber membranes for veneering and laminating in furniture production.


Silicone membranes for laminating in automobile and aircraft industries.


Silicone diaphragms with high temperature resistance for production of solar panels.


Silicone plates and sheets for processing of composite materials (solid surfaces).

Who we are

Brevita - Latvian rubber and silicone membrane supplier

If your vacuum pressing processes are at risk of halting due to a shortage of high-grade rubber membranes, Brevita Sia is your provider of high-performance spare parts for your vacuum presses. As one of Europe’s rubber and silicone membrane suppliers, we have Grade-A membranes for your manufacturing techniques. They are suitable for multiple applications, from aircraft and thermoforming to woodworking and furniture production.
Our membranes provide excellent temperature resistance and tearing stability and supplied in various sizes, thicknesses, and grades. Whether you are looking for a thick and durable sheet for a vacuum press or a thinner one for shaping composite materials, you can find standard options and custom cuts for your vacuum pressing equipment.

Natural rubber and silicone rubber sheets

What we offer

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Rubber membranes

Natural rubber membranes for vacuum presses

Any natural rubber sheet by Brevita Sia is designed to last under constant pressure and sustain multi-time elongation. No matter the challenge, it can improve your woodworking and lamination processes with:

Higher-than-average heat resistance – Our membranes can withstand temperatures up to 130°C for short periods, while other natural rubber pieces can only tough it out at 80°C.
Excellent durability – They are engineered with high-quality rubber and last longer than other types.
Perfect flexibility – Our rubber membranes are pliable, allowing for easy vacuum bed installation.
Low shrinkage – Natural rubber sheets by Brevita Sia shrink very little when exposed to temperatures during woodworking or composite applications.

Natural rubber membranes
Silicone membranes
Silicone membranes

Silicone membranes for vacuum presses

Silicone membranes by Brevita Sia are made of top-tier silicone, the industry standard for high-performance membranes and demanding vacuum-forming techniques. They are immune to temperature fluctuations and withstand high pressures and other environmental stresses over long periods.
You can buy vacuum membranes of the silicone type for solar panel production and thermoforming. These sheets have upgraded properties for high-temperature uses due to:

Good dimensional stability – Our silicone membranes won’t warp even in extreme conditions (up to 200°C) or high humidity. This makes them suitable for industrial applications where higher temperature levels are set.
Peerless elasticity – Silicone membranes have an excellent combination of strength and elasticity so that you don’t have to compromise one for another.
Non-toxic properties – Silicone is free from harmful chemicals, making it the perfect choice for sensitive environments and products.
Easy maintenance – The smooth and glossy surface of the silicone sheet makes it easy to clean on your vacuum press.

The silicone membranes for sale at Brevita Sia come pre-cut in multiple sizes (including extra-large ones) and are ready for use straight away. They are also designed with solid tensile properties described in our product data sheets.

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Lead the way with Brevita Sia

All membranes for vacuum presses can be shipped worldwide. We welcome you to the chat for detailed advice on selecting the optimum sheet for your project or addressing any vagueness associated with the properties, seams, or types. Fill out this form for an exclusive quotation for a rubber or silicone vacuum membrane. Together, we can make your vacuum processes complete.

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